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Rudrashtakam (Shiva Stuti) by Krishna Das

1-Namaa miisha mishaana-nirvaana rupam

Vibhum vyaapakam brahma-veda-svaroopam

Nijam nirgunam nirvikalpam niriham

Chidaakaasha maakaasha-vaasam bhaje ham


I bow to the Ruler of the Universe, whose very form is Liberation,

The omnipotent and all pervading Brahma, manifest as the Vedas.

I worship Shiva, shining in his own glory, without physical qualities,

Undifferentiated, desireless, all pervading sky of consciousness

And wearing the sky itself as His garment.


Niraakaara monkaara-moolam turiiyam

Giraa gnaana gotiita miisham giriisham

Karaalam mahaa-kaala-kaalam krpaalam

Gunaagaara samsara paaram nato ham


I bow to the supreme Lord who is the formless source of "OM"

The Self of All, transcending all conditions and states,

Beyond speech, understanding and sense perception,

Awe-full, but gracious, the ruler of Kailash,

Devourer of Death, the immortal abode of all virtues.

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Tushaa raadri-sankaasha-gauram gabhiram

Manobhuta-koti prabha sri sariram

Sphuran mauli-kallolini-charu-ganga

Lasad-bhaala-balendu kanthe bhujangaa


I worship Shankara, whose form is white as the Himalyan snow,

Radiant with the beauty of countless Cupids,

Whose head sparkles with the Ganga

With crescent moon adorning his brow and snakes coiling his neck,


Chalatkundalam bhru sunetram visalam

Prasannaa-nanam nila-kantham dayaalam

Mrgadhisa charmaambaram mundamaalam

Priyam sankaram sarvanaatham bhajaami


The beloved Lord of All,

With shimmering pendants hanging from his ears,

Beautiful eyebrows and large eyes,

Full of Mercy with a cheerful countenance and a blue speck on his throat.


Pracandam prakrstam pragalbham paresham

Akhandam ajam bhaanukoti-prakaasam

Trayah-shula-nirmulanam shula-paanim

Bhaje ham bhavaani-patim bhaava-gamyam


I worship Shankara, Bhavani's husband,

The fierce, exalted, luminous supreme Lord.

Indivisible, unborn and radiant with the glory of a million suns

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Rudrashtakam (Shiva Stuti) Song Lyrics Meanings

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