Rolling Stones Fined $200,000 For O2 Arena Curfew

The Rolling Stones were fined $200,000 after breaking London’s curfew laws after their O2 arena performance ran over. Rolling Stones Fined $200,000 For O2 Arena Curfew

Legendary Rockers, The Rolling Stones, will have to pay what some would call a hefty fine after breaking London’s strict curfew laws.  The group reportedly surpassed the 10:30 pm time limit when they performed their anniversary concert last week on November 25th.  They have since been served with a $200,000 fine for the 50th celebration event at the O2 Arena that drew in thousands of loyal Stones fans.

According to NME, the guys were running behind which caused them to kick off their two and a half hour presentation 30 minutes behind the scheduled time.  Because of their tardiness they weren’t able to perform ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ as well, but did rock the night away until well past 11:00pm.

Rolling Stones’ agent Bernard Doherty has since made a statement to The Sun, addressing the news of the $200,000 fine.  “It means a big fine – but the guys just do their thing.  There wasn’t a janitor standing there, jangling his keys, saying, ‘I want to go home’.”

With the Stones projected to make an estimated $25 million on their five show tour, $200,000 sounds like a drop in the bucket.

Written on Nov 28 2012 by Sarah Luoma (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: rolling stones Concert Fine


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