Rita Ora Reveals Sophomore Album Will Be About Love

Rita Ora reveals in a recent interview that her sophomore album is almost done and will be about love. Rita Ora Reveals Sophomore Album Will Be About Love

Rita Ora continues to reveal more information about her upcoming sophomore album. A title is still under wraps, but in an interview with Digital Spy over the past weekend, the “R.I.P.” singer said that when she does divulge this information, it will be a major event.

Ora’s self-titled debut went up to No. 1 on the U.K. Album Chart in 2012 and produced a string of hits. Now, to follow it up, she intends to make an album about “love.” She said in the interview: "The concept of the album is love, I mean, I know everyone knows about it, feels it, things they feel it. Sometimes it gets over-advertised almost, but people seem to forget that it's really simple. That's what I wanted to write about."

Along with this, Calvin Harris contributed four tracks to the album. While recording isn’t yet done, the Roc Nation artist is headed to L.A. this week to wrap it up on Wednesday.

Ora opened strongly with 40,000-plus sales its first week in the U.K.; however, while a reworked U.S. version was planned for 2013, the project fell through. As a result, this upcoming release will be considered Ora’s second in the U.K. and her official U.S. debut.

Along with “R.I.P.,” featuring Tinnie Tempah, Ora generated such successful singles as “How We Do (Party),” “Shine Ya Light,” and “Radioactive.”

Written on May 27 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: rita ora calvin harris


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