Rihanna Wants To Start a Family "Eventually"

The singer looked pretty in pink as she faced Ellen's grilling questions about her love life. Rihanna Wants To Start a Family "Eventually"

Ellen DeGeneres definitely has a direct approach with her guests when they come on to her daytime talk show.  She’s all smiles and loves dancing but she really has no trouble delving into the topics that viewers want to hear about.

When she recently hosted Rihanna, they discussed the Barbadian singer’s love life and possible future.  When asked about starting a family, RiRi initially said “eventually” but then quickly added, “I mean, absolutely.”

Incredibly, Ellen then asked the 24-year-old star if she wants to wait until she’s in a relationship or married before having kids or if she’s willing to do it alone.  That’s a bold question!

Rihanna took it in stride and said that she’d prefer to have “a full family” but said that, although she’s not striving for it, she believes that she could handle life as a single parent.

While the singer did deny being in a relationship right now, she did share that her favorite date-night activity is staying on the couch and watching television (she’s currently really into “Breaking Amish”).

Some people want meals at lavish restaurants and tours of the city but it seems like this world-traveler wants to just enjoy some quiet time with her special someone.

Written on Nov 15 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: rihanna ellen degeneres babies family pregnancy


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