Rihanna and Her New Man Run Into Chris Brown

Rihanna showed up at a club on Monday night with a new guy. Did she know Chris Brown was inside? Rihanna and Her New Man Run Into Chris Brown

Another day, another chapter in the Chris Brown/Rihanna saga.  According to sightings, Rihanna rolled up to New York hotspot, Avenue, on Monday night with an unidentified man in tow.  They tried to keep it low key but people noticed anyway.  A source said that the guy "waited in her truck while she went inside.  He waited for paparazzi to [go away], then he followed inside after her."

We might not know who this mystery date is but witness had no trouble identifying Brown who was inside with “a bunch of people.” 

Rihanna, who paired a white pin-up style dress with Converse shoes, had her own crew including Aziz Ansari, Busta Rhymes and Maxwell.

Rather than cause a scene or even engage in a confrontation, a source said this of Brown’s behavior:  "He looked over at her from his table across the way.  His group was sipping Ace of Spades champagne and taking shots of Patron."

Any signs of trouble?  Nope.  Brown’s group was described as being "super nice" which is vastly different than the encounter involving Drake’s crew last night.

Written on Jun 14 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: rihanna  chris brown rihanna boyfriend


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