REM’s Release a Curious Video for Their Track

REM’s new video features Aaron Johnson star of Kick – Ass and Nowhere Boy dancing his way round London streets. REM’s Release a Curious Video for Their Track

REM is a curious rock band, as they seem to have a pathological insistence to do things their way regardless of the consequences. It is hard to think of a band that is less afraid to go in its own direction. Their new video for their track Uberlin is a good example of this. The video is directed by an artist rather than a film maker, and for REM, Sam Taylor-Wood was probably an ideal choice of director for this most curious of bands.

Where as most video directors try and work in a twist or a story, Taylor Wood has opted to avoid the limitations faced by directors by not having a story at all. There are no face offs or opening sequences to set a scene. Instead we have Aaron Johnson, Taylor Woods real life husband, dancing his way around the streets. Though this is not a new concept, there is freshness about it, as the camera angles view Johnson from the side, rather than previous videos where the camera is in front of the person who invariably sings right at the audience.

The streets are graffiti lined, and Aaron Johnson shows off his agility and dancing skill somewhat impressively with a mixture of balanced moves and goofing around. You get the impression that he had a lot of fun making the video. There are loose connections to the lyrics but not many, and the video dwarfs the song. This could be the drawback of the format, as the song is unmemorable when compared to watching Johnson strutting his stuff, which for all intense and purposes defeats the object of the video. That being said the video is watchable for Johnsons moves.

You can check out "Uberlin" here.

Written on Mar 05 2011 by Richard Teahon , senior writer at KOvideo. Tags: rem


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