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T Pain Reggae Night lyrics is the 14th song on the album "Epiphany" by T Pain. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "T-Pain Returns After Two-Year Hiatus With New Album".
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Reggae Night by T Pain

Girl 1:girl i can't believe you got me comin' out here on a reggae night

Girl 2:girl you need to get out the house

Girl 1:i hope you got yo purse yo knife

Girl 2:hell yeah these jamaicans crazy... how much it is to get in

Sercurity:all yeah it gonna be 10 for genaral addmission and 20 for vip

Girl 1 and 2: dame

Sercurity:thats how it has to be ladies

Girl 1: dame thats a lot of money to get in here

Girl 2:20 dollars for wat... girl lets go to the bar

Girl 1: dame say excuse me

Girl 2: girl you see that girl hair

Girl 1: no did you see the girl shoes

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Girl 2: dame why you ain't dame

Girl 1: dey ain't bout s**t though excuse me can i get a drank

Girl 2: girl no you see her dress you see how she spilt her drank on me lets go to the bathroom after this cause i got to wipe this s**t off

Girl 1: excuse me can i get a drank

Girl 1: excuse me

Aman: oh s**t t-pain in the f***king building

Girl 2: man f**k t-pain that nigga ain't s**t

Girl 1; ok t-pain who the f**k is t-pain

Arcadestreetooh t-pain that is the north flordia s**t

Girl 2: i just sayin fuck t-pain my man got t-pain money jamaican girl: man yo man ain't got shit look pon de old car whe ya man a drive i'll kick ya'll as



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