Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane Suing Billy Corgan Over Tree

This week, it was revealed that actors and neighbors Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart are suing Billy Corgan over a fallen tree. Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane Suing Billy Corgan Over Tree

Perhaps as the strangest news item over the past week, Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan is being sued by has-been actors Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane regarding a tree.

According to E! Online, high winds, in November 2011, caused a eucalyptus tree on Corgan’s property to fall onto Gayheart and Dane’s, resulting in damage to their home. The rocker apparently ignored the warnings from his actor neighbors and failed to attend to the tree. The eucalyptus, then, uprooted and fell against their house, breaking power lines and a sprinkler system. Gayheart, as a result, had to leave with her then-20-month-old daughter, with both moving through a flooded home with live high-voltage wires. The couple and children have not been able to live on the property since.

Dane and Gayheart are now seeking unspecified general and compensatory damages and an injunction against Corgan, which would require him to address all trees on his property. A statement regarding the suit read: "Despite his knowledge of the incident and the significant damage it has caused to the Dane dwelling, Corgan has failed to show any remorse, to reach out to the Danes in any way, to make restitution for the significant damages he caused, or take any measures to remove the remaining improperly maintained and/or rotten eucalyptus trees from the Corgan property."

Corgan, contrary to the lawsuit’s statement, said in response: "I was horrified when I learned about the tree falling…Thankfully, no one was injured.”

Over the past year, Corgan and the rest of his group put out Oceania and already have another album in the works.

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