Rascal Flatts Reveal Why They Lip-Synced At ACM Awards

Apparently, Gary LeVox had lost his voice before their performance, but was faking it the right thing to do? Rascal Flatts Reveal Why They Lip-Synced At ACM Awards

The 49th Academy of Country Music Awards that took place in Las Vegas on Sunday night had several high points but Rascal Flatts' performance was certainly not one of them.

The trio took the ACM stage to perform their hit song "Rewind," but instead of playing it live as it was expected of them, they simply hit the play button on the sound system and lip-synced to it.

But the fans are no fool these days. It took them no time to figure out that the band was just faking it in front of them. They got booed on the spot and were later criticized on social media too. As they were caught red-handed, the situation demanded an apology and full explanation, and they this is just what they've done.

The band revealed on their official Twitter and Facebook pages that they never lip-sync but were forced into doing so because lead singer Gary LeVox was suffering from Laryngitis.

"After having performed several shows earlier in the week Gary lost his voice," they wrote. "So, instead of cancelling our commitment to the show we made a last minute decision to lip-sync. We’ve never done it before and obviously not very good at it. We look forward to signing live in the new future."

Written on Apr 08 2014 by Zohaib Ahmed (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: rascal flatts


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