Randy Travis Announces Sobriety

Troubled country star Randy Travis has announced that he has quit drinking following a streak of run-ins with the law. Randy Travis Announces Sobriety

After racking up legal troubles for himself while intoxicated, country singer Randy Travis has warded off alcohol, his lawyer Larry Friedman has shared on the 53-year-old’s behalf.  As confirmed by SF Gate, he has "eliminated alcohol from his daily life," Friedman stated.

Adding, "[Randy] works out 3 hours every day and is in the best shape of his life. ...He has a high protein diet and takes a lot of vitamins."

This latest news involving the star comes after a slew of public incidents for the singer who was discovered in nothing but his birthday suit this past summer on the side of a highway in Texas.  Reportedly drunk, Travis refused a breathalyzer at the time.

Prior to his August run in with police, the artist was arrested on charges of public intoxication in Dallas and was also cited for physically assaulting an individual.  Now that his days of drinking appear to be over Travis is keeping busy and has announced that he is now working on a new album.  He was recently seen at a recording studio in Texas. 

Written on Nov 28 2012 by Sarah Luoma (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: randy travis


patrick wynkoop 10p 2 years ago

Randy as a sober alcoholic dos 7/17/99 i have not only met you at the Catedral of Faith (Thee wooden crosses) but held you in speacial prayer quite a bit. So glad you are remembering how good life can be sober. Watched you on Crossroads. Good job buddy. Keep up the wonderful job!!


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