Pretty Ricky - Push It Baby (Remix) Video

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"Push It Baby (Remix)" Video Review

"Push It Baby" is the second single off Pretty Ricky's latest album, "Late Night Special", the album was released on January 23, 2007.

The group has started a contest on YouTube for users to suggest the "Push It Baby" dance, which should be featured in the music video for the song."Push It Baby" was released in March 2007. The Video is has been aired on acess granted on bet . "Late Night Special tour", and also the song has been featured in Spring Bling 2007 during their performance. The "Push It Baby" video featured Sean Paul in the Remix. The video starts with the boys(Pretty Ricky) walking into a ballroom. They were all wearing masks and start dancing, singing, and rapping and and then the girls and Pretty Ricky dance some more. The video took place in Prauge, Czech Republic Europe. The Pretty Clothing line was also featured in the video.

A winner was selected but Pretty Ricky decided to throw all the dances the entries made together and put it in the video.

A promotional CD has leaked onto the internet containing a remix version of the song featuring Sean Paul. The remix also was used in the actual video and is also the only official remix of the song.


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