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Praise To The Prophet by Zain Bhikha

Amid the confusion the chaos and the pain

A man emerged and muhammad was his name

And walking with nothing but allah as his aid

And the mark of a prophet between his shoulder blades

In a cave in mount hira the revelation came

Read o muhammad read in allah's name

May the blessings of allah be on al-mustafaa (the selected one)

None besides him could have been al-mujtabaa (the chosen one)


Muhammad peace be upon his soul

The greatest of prophets islam was his only goal

Muhammad salla allahu ' alayhi wa sallam

From among all the prophets muhammad was the last

As his was a mission of the greatest task

There was only moral degeneration

People clung to idol adoration

For all nations he was al-mukhtaar (the preferred one)

So was he praised by allah al-ghaffaar

The bearer of glad tidings al-basheer

Leading into light as-seeraj-al-muneer (lamp of radiance)

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In handling the wicked he had the best of skill

He pacified with tolerance and goodwill

The best of morals he aimed to attain

All he accomplished through suffering and pain

Reviving imaan as almuthakkir (the reminder)

He is known in the qur'aan as al-mud-dath-thir (covered up)

Only he was given the honour of miraaj

Unique was this glory to muhammad asseeraj (the lamp)


He was ad daee ill allah hil azheem

All hadi elaa seerauteem mustakeem

His mission complete his held in great esteem

Allah praised him as bil-khuluqil azeem

May the blessings of allah be on mustafaa

None besides him could have been al-mujtabaa

So perfect were his morals so justly did he rule

Darkness had vanished and the word was full of noor


Balagha lula bikamalihi

Kashafa dduja bijamalihi

Hasunat jami u khisalihi

Sallu alayhi wa alihi


Muhammad peace be upon his soul

The greatest of prophets islam was his only goal.


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