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Kottonmouth Kings Positive Vibes lyrics is the 19th song on the album "Greatest Highs" by Kottonmouth Kings. The "Positive Vibes" lyrics by Kottonmouth Kings are displayed below.
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Positive Vibes by Kottonmouth Kings


We need some positive vibes for these rainy days

Let the sun come out keep push these clouds away

We need some positive vibes life's for fun so go and play

Let the sunlight in brighten up your day


Let the vibes blow like the ocean breeze

Mamma always told me there'd be days like these

Keep your head right just do as you please

Never interfere with an evil man's schemes

Keep your head pure conceive your own dreams

Respect your fellow man the earth with the trees

The air that we breathe and the highest mountain peak

Bring truth from your soul to your mouth when you speak


No need to get loud .. messin with others stressin' your brother it's time to uncover

Time to choose another path you see

Cause the road most traveled's negativity

Put your fist down (fist down) throw your hands in the air

Respect yourself be somebody who cares

Don't let life get you down don't feel abused

Keep a positive view unto yourself be true



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Everyday's a new adventure you got to keep what you got

Livin' life in a studio bustin' rhymes in my socks

I got to keep my head up and always do what I feel

Avoidin all the evil and just keeping it real

(I need some positive vibes)

All these situations I keep hearin' about

People dyin' in planes and buildings crumbling down

This world goes round for no apparent reason

People robbin and theavin' just to feel good for the evening

(I need some positive vibes)

What happen' to everybody's peace and love

Throw your drinks the sky raise your hands up above

Get yo hand out of the gutter and be respectful

We need some positive vibes for these rainy days so let it go

Don't never get it twisted when I'm on this track

D-loc the kind kid that be kickin' it back

Of the class everyday I was high

Goin to school in 95 easy that how we ride




It's time to leave this rat race chant down babylon

Keep my head straight keep my family movin' on

Find my own pace create my own space

Detach my whole scene from this wicked rat race

The two-faced friends the snakes in the grass

Daddy always told me there'd be men like that

So watch your own back keep your eye on your stacks

Don't ever write a check that that ass can't cash




We need some positive vibes

(keep on reaching for it)

For these rainy days

(keep on hoping for it)

Let the sun come out keep push these clouds away

(what we need is all we have is positive vibes)

We need some positive vibes

(what more can we say to you)

Lies that so forth go out and play

(what more can be said to you)

Let the sunlight in brighten up your day

(what we need is all we have is positive vibes)

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