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"Plug It In And Turn Me On" Video Review

Krezip is a Dutch band from Tilburg. Active members are singer and pianist Jacqueline Govaert, her sister Anne Govaert on guitar, Annelies Kuijsters playing keyboards and Joost van Haaren on the bass guitar. In 2004 guitar player Thomas Holthuis was replaced by JanPeter Hoekstra and drummer Thijs Romeijn by Bram van den Berg.

On May 14, 2007 Krezip will bring out a new album. The album has been recorded in 2 weeks and delivered rough versions. The album is called "Plug It In". De first single will be "Plug It In and Turn Me On", that was released in April 2007.

The single debuted at #39 in the Dutch Top 40. As the band states themselves it will be a more danceable album. On February 6, 2007 a Dutch radio station (3FM) played a rough version of the song "Plug It In". Currently Jacqueline is in Stockholm to sing in the last notes for the album. To promote the new album Krezip will do a little promotour through the Netherlands.



Claudia Dămăcuş 1376p 3 years ago

I want you to take over control
Plug it in and turn me on (the same line like in Afrojack's Take Over Control)



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