Pink Talks Sexuality and Being a "Gypsy Family"

The singer explains that the "open" life that she once led was misunderstood by others. Pink Talks Sexuality and Being a "Gypsy Family"

If her videos and music are any indication, Pink is an adventurous soul.  She seems to enjoy taking risks and trying new things and, fortunately, it seems that her little family is on board!

In a recent interview she said: "We're just going to be a gypsy family traveling the road.”  Pink is has just released new music and is currently touring to promote her latest album.  Rather than leave hubby, Carey Hart, and 15-month-old daughter, Willow, at home, they pack up and see the world together.

One thing that does seem to irritate the edgy singer involves a very private subject – her sexuality.  There have been “reports” that she is bisexual (and, really, is that any of our business if she is?) but the star, who has been married to Hart since 2006, says that she’s never defined herself and “never felt the need to.”  She still doesn’t.

She does explain that she grew up in an atmosphere that was very open and that she was a “little candy raver” who continues to try to suck “the marrow out of the bones of life.”  She admits that “those days were really crazy” and that she loved her “little girlfriends” but she didn’t see herself as being gay.

Fortunately, most of her fans care more about her music than her sexual orientation which will make it that much easier to focus on what’s really important – her family.

Written on Oct 04 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: pink bisexual gay


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