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Nelly Pimp Juice lyrics is the 6th song on the album "Nellyville" by Nelly. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Nelly Furtado Rocks In 'Parking Lot' Video".
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Pimp Juice by Nelly



Now I'm - clean as a whistle (yeah) sharp as a razor (uh-huh)

In anythang from Timberland to Gaines

Now listen - I play the haters (ooh) like they should be played

And uhh - I love the ladies (ooh) like they should get laid

That's why I - I got my fade everybody had braids

And now they - switch to fades and I'm thinkin 'bout braids

Just an example of hoochieless jackin

If we were hoopin I'd be yellin "They hackin"

I see you momma in my Dolce Gabbana

Gucci and Prada baby I gotta lotta

The lucciana ain't a problem for poppa

That's all you want then baby girl I'ma holla

Cause you wanna put your feet on my rug don'tcha?

You really wanna put your feet on my rug don'tcha?

You're in a hurry - SLOW DOWN - I don't like how you actin

Treat you like you're from Milwaukee send you Green Bay Packin

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[Chorus w/ minor variations]


(I think I just..

Need to take this time and explain to 'em exactly..

What the pimp juice is)



Uh hear me out now

Now your pimp juice is anything attract the opposite sex

It could be money fame or straight intellect

It don't MATTER! Bitches got the pimp juice too

Come to think about it - dirty they got more than we do

They got mo' - juice in they talk got mo' juice in they walk

They got mo' - juice in they veins OOH GOD DAMN!

I tell you man it's a cryin shame..

.. how people use the juice in vein - you hear me mayne

Pimp juice is color blind

You find it work on all color creeds and kinds

From ages 50 right down to 9

The Mayor of Nellyville and I won't resign watch me recline

Cause you wanna put your feet on my rug don'tcha?

You really wanna put your feet on my rug don'tcha?

You're in a hurry - SLOW DOWN - bitch I got all night

Matter fact stand on my left boo - I know you ain't right


[Chorus w/ minor variations]


[ad libs to end]


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