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Chamillionaire Pimp Drill lyrics is the 30th song on the album "The Mixtape Messiah" by Chamillionaire. The "Pimp Drill" lyrics by Chamillionaire are displayed below.
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Pimp Drill by Chamillionaire


Yeah this baby muthafucka come walkin' on stage

Them tricks spendin' money so she bound to get paid

Some money she blowin' some money she save

She know he wanna fuck and that's how she want it to stay

Cuz that's how she get paid she see's him and please him

She gotta boyfriend but she really don't need him

Cuz half the time she feed him he a muthafuckin' roach

She wanna baller baller that nigga is broke

G'Yeah now everybody in the club gettin' tipsy

I'm sippin' sizzurp Rasaq drinkin' whiskey

They give me the group they love when I'm picky

You pop X have hot sex and give head you comin' with me


[Verse - Rasaq]

I hit it from the back said she like it like that

I hit it from the front took off her baby phat

Platinum in my mouth and a skirt on my lac

My trunk is on drugs cuz you know it's on crack

Nigga got plex then we can handle that

Twin got the mac click-clack and cock it back

She say she like a thug with a mouth full of gold

(It's Rasaq boy) Upside down when she slide down the poll (for Rasaq boy)

Climb to the top from the ceiling to the floor

From the floor to the stage from the stage to the door

Drop ya panties hoe let me see the peep-show

Make a playa grin til' you see them teeth glow

Yeah it's Rasaq cocky nigga from the south

V.I.P. room let a nigga get some mouth

Let me see ya show-out know what I'm talkin' bout

Let me have ya number can I call ya at the house

Don't act lame don't play no games

It's the Color Change got the cranberry Range

Take it to the floor let me see ya get crunk

Pop Pop Pop it like my popped-trunk

Skinny hoes get gon' let me see ya badunkadunk

My niggaz in the back and we blowin' on skunk

Man! Yeah..

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"No matter what I say do not tip strippers..haha"


[Verse - 50/50 Lil' Twin]

You slidin' down the poll ya butt muscles is jumpin'

Walk the dog and show me somethin'

Gimme a reason to blow these hundreds

You crawlin' like a lion tellin' me come with ya finger

Make yaself cum with ya finger touch ya tongue with ya finger

So kinky-rink and blink-me what you thinkin'? what you drinkin'?

XO got me feelin' like a kingpin I ain't trippin' I'ma keep my thing in

I'm no tipper or tippers no up-lifter or strippers

But you sizzle fa-shizzle won't you un-zip my zipper

I sipped a lil liquor 'finna flip and get some fiddles

Got cash like Jed Clappet tip a stripper lift a little

-You too uptight


[Chamillionaire] - "Yeah Styrofoam cups up Pimp cups up"


[Chorus - Chamillionaire]

All off in the club 5 vogues and candy doors

Then you know it's a pimp drill this is the pimp drill

You got some money better spend it on these hoes

Then you know it's a pimp drill this is the pimp drill

When I come through they all gon' break me off a show

Cuz you know it's a pimp drill this is the pimp drill

You gotta problem with it let a nigga know

You know it's a pimp drill this is the pimp drill


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