Phish Announce 12th Studio Album ‘Fuego’

After performing their new album in full on Halloween, Phish have announced ‘Fuego.’ Phish Announce 12th Studio Album ‘Fuego’

If you’re a Phish fan, you might have already heard the music from upcoming 12th studio album Fuego. The group played the release in its entirety at its recent Halloween gig in Atlantic City.

Now all of the music from that night is getting an official studio release, following 2009’s Joy.

Produced by Bob Ezrin and recorded in four locations, Fuego marks a different turn for the band. Specifically, rather than recording everything in one studio, they opted for a live approach this time around. The release comes out on June 24.

In talking about this approach, drummer Jon Fishman said in a statement: “For years, there's been a distinct difference between how we did things live and how we did them in the studio. But the way we go about things live, the way the musical ball is passed around, is now happening much more in the studio – not because we're trying to duplicate how we play on stage, just because this is how we operate as a band, period.”

So far, track “Waiting All Night” has given fans who haven’t heard Fuego yet a preview of new sounds.

Joy dropped in September 2009. All music had been recorded at Chung King studio in New York. Two singles were released: “Time Turns Elastic” and “Backwards Down The Number Line.”

Written on May 16 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: phish fuego


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