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Perfidia by Linda Ronstadt

Nadie comprende lo que sufro yo

Canto pu ya no puedo sollozar

Solo temblando de ansiedad estoy

Todos me miran y se van


Mujer si puedes t con Dios hablar

Pregntale si yo alguna vez

Te he dejado de adorar


Y al mar espejo de mi corazn

Las veces que me ha visto llorar

La perfidia de tu amor


Te he buscado por dondequiera que yo voy

Y no te puedo hallar

Para qu quiero tus besos

Si tus labios no me quieren ya besar

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Y t quin sabe por dnde andars

Quin sabe qu aventura tendrs

Qu lejos ests de m




No one understands what I suffer

I sing well I can't sob anymore

I am only trembling from anxiety

They all look at me and leave


Woman if you can speak with God

Ask him if I at any time

Ever stopped adoring you


And the ocean mirror of my heart

The times it has seen me cry

The (faithlessness?)of your love


I have looked for you everywhere I go

And I can't find you

What do I want your kisses for

If your lips no longer want to kiss me


And you who knows where you are

Who knows what adventure you may have

How far you are from me


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