Paul McCartney Releases 'Queenie Eye' Video Feat Johnny Depp and More

The track, which is a part of his sixteenth album, also sees Meryl Streep and Kate Moss making brief appearances. Paul McCartney Releases 'Queenie Eye' Video Feat Johnny Depp and More

The music video for Paul McCartney's new song "Queenie Eye" has just been released. The track - which is a part of his recently released studio album "New" – also features Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp.

The four-minute-long clip shows the legendary rocker entering the historical Abbey Road Studios' recording booth and performing the song on piano. He is soon joined by Depp, who takes a seat on the floor and enjoys McCartney tear into the music. The "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor isn't the only big name non-music star to be seen in the clip. Not too long after his appearance, the screen fills up with more people, the most prominent of whom are veteran actress Meryl Streep and supermodel Kate Moss.

By the time the former Beatles member is finished doing his thing, the entire room is empty again as if all the people were never really there.

The Abbey Road Studios is where the music video of the Beatles' very first song titled "Love Me Do" was shot. The song's title "Queenie Eye" has been inspired from a children's game that was famous during McCartney's childhood in the Liverpool area.

Depp is a great big fan of McCartney's. About the 71-year-old Liverpudlian, he said: "To have a collection of masterpieces under your belt, and the fact that he has been doing it for as long as he's been doing it with the passion that he has for it? It's always new. It's always new for him. He still gets excited about it, he's still curious. There's one. There's only one of him."

When asked what it felt like being involved in the project, he added: "Being in that room, especially being in the room with Paul is quite a rush because that's the room that changed the world."

Depp also had a cameo in McCartney's romantic song "My Valentine."

Here is "Queenie Eye" for your listening pleasure: 

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