Paris Jackson is Trying to Create Her Own Identity

The teenage daughter of Michael Jackson is trying to find her own place in the world. Paris Jackson is Trying to Create Her Own Identity

Michael Jackson is unfortunately gone but his legacy lives on through his three children, Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II, otherwise known as Blanket.  Things haven’t been especially easy for the kids who have been living with their grandmother since they lost their father but they seem to be doing the best they can.

In an interview for the October issue of Glamour, 14-year-old Paris talks about what it is like to grow up in her father’s shadow.  It must be tough since, good or bad, Michael Jackson had quite the career.  She explains: "I love my dad, and I'm proud to be his daughter, I just don't think the title 'MJ's daughter' fits me."

Despite feeling this way, the teen isn’t exactly sure what she plans to go into, although acting seems to be what she’s most interested in the moment.  Whatever she does, she plans to make her father proud: "I'm a daddy's girl," she said. "I'm going to carry on his legacy and win an award for him."

She definitely seems determined regardless of the discouragement she might receive from family members.  Last year, her aunt Janet Jackson told ABC’s Juju Chang: "I told her, I said 'You should really take this time to enjoy your youth to the fullest."

Paris reiterates that she plans to enjoy her childhood saying “the older I get, the more it sucks" but she does have her sights set on success.  Of course, it seems like she’s happy to have the odd distraction, though – like boys.  She tweeted: "i love that butterflies feeling you get in your stomach.”

Seems like a smart, normal teenage girl!

Written on Sep 07 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: michael jackson paris jackson glamour magazine 2012


Samuel Johnson 30p 2 years ago

She will always be known as Michael Jackson's daughter, and frankly should be only proud. Aside this everything she will get will be related to the fact she is Michael Jackson's daughter, to begin from the film she'll do for which the loser who chose her did not have the money to fund it for some years already. Now he is indeed exploiting the fact she is Michael Jackson's daughter. Michael Jackson would be horrified and so disappointed by seeing how now his children are such under the spotlights, and how his own daughter is so delighted to be all over the media after he worked so hard to protect them, to let them have a normal childhood. Also it is so clear that she first is exploiting her being Michael Jackson's daughter to get the sympathy she needs. Michael Jackson protected her identity but she loves to be in the spotlight and needs to accept everything. Everyone who wants to have to do with her it's just because of Michael Jackson and always it will be.


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