Owl City Premieres Music Video For 'Alligator Sky'

Owl City Releases 'Alligator Sky' Music Video Tempter for their Upcoming New Album  Owl City Premieres Music Video For 'Alligator Sky'

Owl City is a developing "musical project" by multi talented singer-songwriter, Adam Young. Officially formed in 2007, Young has released two independent albums followed by a major label debut in 2009 with the album "Ocean Eyes".

This year will see the release of the next album "All Things Bright and Beautiful", expected to be released on June 14. As a tempter for what lies ahead, a music video has just been released for the recently pre-released single '"Alligator Sky"'. Already two versions of the song have been produced, one with only Adam Young on vocals, and the second version featuring Young with guest rapper, Shawn Chrystopher. Both versions have slightly different lyrics.

A second pre-release is available of the song "Lonely Lullaby" but only to customers who pre-order the upcoming album.

The official website of Owl City shows information about the project, tour dates and other detailed information. Also available on the website are the previews of four songs: Dreams Don't Turn to Dust, Alligator Sky Ft. Shawn Chrystopher, Galaxies, and Deer in the Headlights.

The music video of "Alligator Sky" is all about a return to Earth some time shortly after when life on Earth as we know it has perished. Adam Young and Shawn Chrystopher have returned wearing space suits to look around at the empty planet. The streets are deserted, strewn with rubbish and completely devoid of life. They wander around looking for whatever might be of interest. Using test tubes, they collect some dirt samples, maybe to help in some investigation of what happened.

The music video ends with the two "spacemen" returning to a rocket ship and blasting off. The song is bound to get a huge following.

Owl City - "Alligator Sky"

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