Olly Murs Preparing for New Album in December

Olly Murs is preparing for a release of ‘Right Place Right Time’ in November in the U.K. and December in the U.S. Olly Murs Preparing for New Album in December

Olly Murs, former X Factor winner who has already scored a few hits in the U.K., is now setting his sights on the U.S. with his follow-up album, Right Place Right Time. While the release, which follows the heels of last year’s In Case You Didn’t Know, hits stores in the U.K. in November, it is seeing a U.S. release in December, right after Murs wraps up his tour with One Direction.

Murs, in a recent interview, considers Right Place to embody his career so far. He explained: “I've worked hard in everything I've done, doing what's felt right, and everything has fit into place.

"It sums up the sentiment for this whole album."

Murs, with a team of producers began working on the release in March 2012. Producing it are Steve Robson, Claude Kelly, and Wayne Hector. The singer, who previously worked with Flo Rida on recent hit “Heart Skips a Beat,” is collaborating with the rapper again on Right Place with track “Troublemaker.” Murs, in speaking with MTV, explained that working again with Flo Rida was easy and hopes that this effort turns him into a successful act in the U.S.

Following his tour with One Direction, Murs plans to do a headlining tour of the U.K., beginning on February 26.

The tracklist for Right Place Right Time is:

1. Army of Two
2. Troublemaker ft. Flo Rida
3. Loud & Clear
4. Dear Darlin'
5. Right Place Right Time
6. Hand on Heart
7. Hey You Beautiful
8. Head to Toe
9. Personal
10. What A Buzz
11. Cry Your Heart Out
12. One of These Days

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