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"No Love" Video Review

Lil Wayne kills it in his verses on this track, and frankly I don't care whether he likes to be called a poet or not, because that is exactly what he is. The Eminem - Lil Wayne featuring on the "No More" video is more-so delicious. "No Love" features a sample of "What Is Love" by long-time-not-forgotten Haddaway.

Eminem’s flow is so tight on this song that he murdered it only to resuscitate it and murder it again. His verses aren’t of the same caliber as Wayne’s are, but Wayne’s flow is of the same caliber that Em’s are – one brilliantly makes up for what the other lacks.

I’ve always respected what Wayne does,” Em said in an interview on Skyrock FM. “Wayne to me is definitely one of the greatest in the game right now.”

Artists featured in No Love music video

Lil' Wayne Lil' Wayne



Courteney Harding 30p 3 years ago

i love both of them ;D


Ashleigh Boswell 20p 3 years ago

this is a good song


Samir Shrestha 45p 3 years ago

a girl and boy was driving home from there date the boy senced someting wrong so the girl said pull over so he did she said i think we sould break up the boy had tears coming down his check he handed the girl a letter right the a drunk driver hit his side of the car he died but the girl lived she read the letter it said with out your love i would died send this to 4 videos if you dont someone you love will died ps i did not send this to 4 videos my pet fish died the next day


Jameson PHD 65p 3 years ago

gud song


Amy Kersley 212p 3 years ago

sweet song i could listen to this all the time and never get sick of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brandon Sanders 10p 3 years ago

this is a very amazing song i hope they come together and make more videos bcuz they are the best two rappers that are alive


Kimberly Piron 15p 4 years ago

i like this song


Jaba Chavis 270p 4 years ago

this collabo is the best they ever made together.good song guys keep it up.


Strawberry Rhapsody 5277p 4 years ago

100 and 10 percent agreed


haley smith 10p 4 years ago

this is a bad **** video i love this song



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Eminem - No Love