No Doubt Claims “Looking Hot” Almost Didn't Make New Album Cut

Recent single “Looking Hot” – the second from ‘Push and Shove’ – was nearly cut from the upcoming album. No Doubt Claims “Looking Hot” Almost Didn't Make New Album Cut

No Doubt’s comeback album Push and Shove is about to hit stores next week, and in support, its second single “Looking Hot” was recently released for radio play. However, in a recent interview with MTV, the band revealed that “Looking Hot” nearly didn’t make the album cut. Singer Gwen Stefani said: "[It] was one of those songs that was almost thrown away; it was an end of a song that turned into a chorus that ended up being [a song] ... it was one of those weird transitional songs."

For Stefani, “Looking Hot” grew from being a passable track into one of her favorites on Push. However, she admits that she has several “favorite” tracks on the album. She said: 'Gravity' was my favorite song for the longest time, and I feel that's like a girl song, like more girls will like that one. And I love 'Easy,' which was one of these songs that, like, had so many versions before we got to the final one, which is the perfect way it needed to be presented. But there really aren't any songs that I don't like on the record!"

Stefani, in a recent interview with U.K. newspaper The Sun, stated that No Doubt never broke up. Instead, life – forming families and a solo career – offset work on Push, as did writer’s block. Work for the album, instead, was sporadic and drawn out, although their 2009 tour served as motivation to seriously start writing and recording.

What do you think of No Doubt’s new tunes? If you have not heard “Looking Hot” already, hear it here:

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