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Nightmares by Professor Green

You ain't even in around we spit

Nightmares mental, Freddie Kruger pencil on my Elm's street

Believe none of what you see, none of the sh*t you heart

A car rolling the fu**ing earth turning over a new...

A mixture of Biggie and Pac, going upside your head

With a mike stand at your show, it's me giving you props

My mind's pure faith, hope, I gained till the bank's broken

My flow's Novocain, it's Frank Ocean

It ain't a thing to hang a ling

Night tears by day, nightmares of the night, like...

It's 6 million ways to end your life... and I chose to... over the bloody

Gloves with the fingertips

I'm who you can't stand prolly leaning

You prolly read about it's the sandman mixed up with Robert England

I put it right there to see

How can I ever have a bad dream when the nightmare's me

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And I'm drunk and I'm... and I don't know what I'ma do

... And I'm looking for you

And I'm not... , I'll be right there


Everything in life comes with a price, it's time for you to play

... my paintbrush, I'm forever take any farther and further

God forbid that I ever extend my art of murder

You don't wanna see me these...

So doesn't it

I ain't thinking about... I'm more interested in doing some other sh*t

Really having some fun with it, disintegrate your... instead of dumping it

I don't care how uncomfortable your... is

... that I'm coming with

Yeah I'm... in the head

... I can hear the heart in your chest beating as I'm...

Punishment enough for all the things that you said

... you ain't coming shivering in your bed, I'm a nightmare


And I'm drunk and I'm... and I don't know what I'ma do

... And I'm looking for you

And I'm not... , I'll be right there

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