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"Nightless Night" Video Review

Husky Rescue - how would I nail it down?” Marko Nyberg considers, sitting in a hotel in Seattle awaiting the tourbus to take him to the Portland, Oregon date of his band’s Lollapalooza jaunt across the USA, “It’s so far away from all those singer-songwriters who tell stories about things happening that start and end in the real world. In my music there’s no kind of end, I can’t describe my feelings that much and I can’t be sure what it feels like to be someone else.”

Thus Husky Rescue build big, if laid back, music that suggests every feeling Nyberg wants to convey without becoming bogged down in specifics; “an emotional ride with the lyrics opening a world around the music” is how he describes it. Their new album, Ghost Is Not Real, particularly, puts the squeeze on the emotions. Where Husky Rescue’s last album was easy-going to the core, soft focus at the edges even, the new one bites.

Nyberg grew up in a small town 60 kilometres north of Helsinki in Finland and was a musical prodigy from an early age. He found that orchestral works such as Camille Saint-Saens’ ‘Carnival Of Animals’ inspired raw emotion in him, even as a boy, and later went to the famous Sibelius Academy with the intention of becoming a music teacher. His intellectually inquisitiveness got the better of him, however, and he spent much of his early twenties travelling to destinations in search of inspiration. “My mum works for Finnair,” he explains. “I went often to London and New York, a really good contrast to the smaller circle of Finland. I wasn’t into clubbing so much as the music in clubs, drum & bass and the whole city scene. My music now is such a contrast to that. I couldn’t make banging music, I’m into making music that’s comforting rather than distracting.” Thus he turned inwards away from the frenetic urban scene. “I don’t have a beach in Helsinki but a very beautiful sea shore,” he ventures, then laughs, “I’m a bit crazy. I can feel my head going to the sea sometimes. Also, if you don’t have the water round you, you can’t build a raft and sail away when hard times come.”


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Husky Rescue - Nightless Night