Nick Cannon Releases New Song Called "I Remember"

The America's Got Talent host seems dazed and confused on his unexpected new single. Nick Cannon Releases New Song Called "I Remember"

Nick Carey, er, Cannon, is attempting parental machismo in his new song, “I Remember.”

The song, which is a remix of a Deadmau5 track, begins with an abstract and colorful beat.

What follows is a voiceover prelude that speaks, “It’s incredible” in Auto-Tune, after which point "I Remember" then plummets into a confusing Soulja Boy/Bone Thugs and Harmony lyrical combo as the man we knew first as an “All That” Nickelodeon child star, then the comedy host of MTV’s Wildin’ Out, then an attempted movie star (Remember 2003 high school movie “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” with fellow musician and rumored love interest Christina Milian?), then as Mariah Carey’s husband and eventual father of her two children and finally, a host again, this time for primetime annoyance “America’s Got Talent,” attempts profanity and street-cred.

“I remember like it was ‘99/Wait, was that ’88?/When niggas had to make real cake everyday/Before they could say they was really that nigga,” raps Cannon in a paradoxically tuned monotone.

Unfortunately his thuggin’ falls flat, as he quickly reverts back into fatherhood mode.

Now I got twins and I’m shocked, Damn, how fast they growin’/Wonder if they knowin’ that they daddy go hard,” he adds.

To be fair, he valiantly defends his status as man of the house, asserting that his hosting checks bring in just as much bacon as his wife’s Grammy-winning soprano.

“But everybody sayin’ they Mariah checks/that’s the first mistake and lying’s next/Nick is broke, he ain’t cold.”

However, he loses again after a weak jab at Eminem, a stunt even Ray J wouldn’t dare attempt.

“I remember when I was a fan of the dude from Michigan/Then he put me in a predicament, defend my family, protect my wife/Fuck how you handle, this ain’t your life/Could of Ortized him, ain’t that fight.”

His bars boil down to a heartstring-tugging “I Remember” chorus cry by singer Kaskade before looping into obscurity, (kind of like the last six minutes of Kanye’s “Say You Will” heartbreak opus), where the listener is finally released from the confusing hold of hip-hop and house music.    

It’s a brave attempt for Cannon, but next time, he should probably stick to lyrical topics more his speed—like the effectiveness of a Baby Bjorn.

Listen below:

Written on Sep 27 2011 by Altamese Osborne (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: nick cannon


Dom Trinh 50p 3 years ago

@Altamese Osborne listen to some music and stop writing.
@Victor Curry "Her name is Kaskade" hahahahah
@Kaskade sup girl friend? hahhah
@Josh McTeer correct. Everyone is trying to ride this EDM train...can't wait till they get the * off
@deadmau5 cool and calm about all this like a sage


sam bozin 10p 3 years ago

this song is actually DeadMau5's & Kaskade's song (I Remember), except without the **** rapping on top. He turned a great song into crap.


THA MUVMENT 60p 3 years ago

I usually wouldn't Inject Such Commenting 0r My Opinion On A **** Blog, But for the Sake Of My Name being Mentioned In THis Song, "DEQUAN" I Feal Tha Need to Defend Nicks Position & Say that Every Man has a right to Speak Or Rap What He 0r she Has Lived Or Experienced.... No matter how you May feel about It... All You Mafuckas Is Haters and trust I will not Fail To Mention, Racist! & Just How Does A man Or A God Measure success??? You Pill Poppin Pale Face Computer Wizard?

ROMANS 3-10 / There Is None


Victor Curry 10p 3 years ago

Um, please fix your post. The person is not an "unnamed" person, she's actually VERY famous. Her name is Kaskade. Also, you've failed to mention the reason why this song is getting an extreme number of dislikes on Youtube and a lot more hate than it usually would (very important detail). It's all because Nick Cannon didn't give credit to Deadmau5 who (by the way), MADE the real track that Nick decided to rip off of. And the beat would be considered Dubstep/Trance, a lot of wobbles to even be considered just


Josh McTeer 10p 3 years ago

Um, please get your facts straight...Kaskade is a DJ... Haley Gibby is the vocalist who works frequently with Kaskade....The DJ.... who created "I Remember" with Deadmau5. Also the **** Dub Step version Cannon ripped of is a terrible remix of the original song...not sure if Cannon is responsible for the remix but whoever is should be ashamed!!


Ozric 2000 10p 3 years ago

Stolen from Deadmau5!


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