Lady Gaga Threatens Legal Action against Ice Cream Manufacturers

Lady Gaga Threatens Legal Action against Ice Cream Manufacturers

International singing sensation Lady Gaga has threatened to sue ice cream manufacturers for use of the word Gaga in one of their products.

The ice cream called Baby Gaga is made from breast milk, and is marketed towards children. The controversial ice cream is not something the singer approves of, and in a letter from her lawyers has labelled the product as "nausea inducing", and that the product has "ridden the coattails of her reputation."

Matt OConnor owner of the ice cream parlour that manufactures Baby Gaga in Londons Covent Garden told the British newspaper The Guardian: "A global superstar has taken umbrage at what she describes as a 'nausea-inducing' product," he said.

"How can she possibly claim ownership of the word 'gaga', which since the dawn of time has been one of the first discernable phrases to come from a baby's mouth?"[…] Read more »

Posted on Mar 05 2011 by Richard Teahon in lady gaga

REM’s Release a Curious Video for Their Track

REM’s Release a Curious Video for Their Track

REM is a curious rock band, as they seem to have a pathological insistence to do things their way regardless of the consequences. It is hard to think of a band that is less afraid to go in its own direction. Their new video for their track Uberlin is a good example of this. The video is directed by an artist rather than a film maker, and for REM, Sam Taylor-Wood was probably an ideal choice of director for this most curious of bands.

Where as most video directors try and work in a twist or a story, Taylor Wood has opted to avoid the limitations faced by directors by not having a story at all. There are no face offs or opening sequences to set a scene. Instead we have Aaron Johnson, Taylor Woods real life husband, dancing his way around the streets. […] Read more »

Posted on Mar 05 2011 by Richard Teahon in rem

Phil Collins Apologises for Career

Phil Collins Apologises for Career

Ex - Genesis drummer and singer songwriter Phil Collins has apologised for his career. The man has achieved astounding success both as a drummer with prog - rock band Genesis and as a solo singer songwriter. His career which he feels he owes us all an apology for spanned four decades.

Collins has been plagued by a series of illnesses over recent times. Tinnitus has affected his hearing and vocal capabilities, and dislocated vertebra and nerve damage has made it all but impossible for the man to play the drums. The ailments together with mental illness are behind Phil Collins decision to quit the music industry.

In an interview with, Collins admitted that he had considered taking his own life. "I wouldn't blow my head off. I'd overdose or do something that didn't hurt. But I wouldn't do that to the children." […] Read more »

Posted on Mar 05 2011 by Richard Teahon in phil collins genesis

'Blow' Director Labels 'Unicorn' Usage in Latest Ke$ha and Gaga Songs as 'Coincidence'

'Blow' Director Labels 'Unicorn' Usage in Latest Ke$ha and Gaga Songs as 'Coincidence'

The new music videos released by Lady Gaga and Ke$ha aren't similar in any way, except one minor thing. The fans of both the female singers put their assessment skills to test and came up with a finding that Gaga's Born This Way and KE$ha's Blow, both had the common appearance of a Unicorn. This led to allegations that K-Dollar stole the idea from Gaga, but now the Ke$ha video director Chris Marrs Piliero has come forward to explain that the Unicorn issue is nothing more than coincidence.

Speaking to MTV News, Piliero said, "It's very odd. It's one of those weird things, and I think a lot of people on the Internet don't grasp the sense of time [that goes into making videos]. […] Read more »

Posted on Mar 05 2011 by Zohaib Ahmed in kesha

Wiz Khalifa's 'Roll Up' is About Skirt-Chasing

Wiz Khalifa's 'Roll Up' is About Skirt-Chasing

Wiz Khalifa has a high IQ. The Black and Yellow rapper extracted as much fame and fortune out of his game changing smash hit and then released 'Roll Up,' just at the time when it seemed as if his craze was beginning to settle up a bit.

In December 2010 the weed-loving Wiz told MTV News that Roll Up is a song about his favourite hobby, but it turns out that actually the song has nothing to do with weed, smoking or any of that stuff. Instead, the track is about chasing girls. "I was trying to be funny, be clever as possible. It's for the chicks. It's for guys to sing to chicks. And it's just a fun song," the smiling MC said.[…] Read more »

Posted on Mar 05 2011 by Zohaib Ahmed in wiz khalifa

Lily Allen Turns Down X – Factor Role

Lily Allen Turns Down X – Factor Role

According to the British tabloid press, Lily Allen the feisty singer who recently labelled a journalist as "unprofessional" and a "c**t", has turned down the opportunity to replace Simon Cowell on British talent show, The X Factor. Simon Cowell is believed to be quitting the show to head up the new American version of it. Former X - Factor judge Cheryl Cole has already signed a contract to judge the new Fox Network programme.

Though Lily Allen is believed to be thrilled to be asked to replace Simon Cowell, she is concentrating on writing songs for a stage musical version of the successful book and film franchise Bridget Jones.

A source cited in The Sun, and who is close to the singer said of the offer of being the head judge on the X Factor: Lily was flattered to get Simon's call. It's a big job and an honour to be asked. But she's not convinced. […] Read more »

Posted on Mar 04 2011 by Richard Teahon in lily allen cheryl cole

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