Is Justin Bieber a Daddy?

Is Justin Bieber a Daddy?

It’s no secret that Justin Bieber has an incredible female fan base.  He walks on the stage and girls literally throw themselves at the Canadian singer.  Despite the attention, Bieber has been in a relationship with Disney star, Selena Gomez, for months and seems very content but could their romance be derailed by some recent rumors and allegations?

A 20-year-old Calfornia woman is claiming that she had sex with Justin Bieber backstage at one of his Los Angeles shows last year.  Mariah Yeater, who was 19 years old at the time of the alleged tryst, has given birth to a little boy and is now saying that Bieber is the father of the three-month-old child.  She is demanding that Bieber take a paternity test to “scientifically confirm” that he is, indeed, the father. […] Read more »

Posted on Nov 02 2011 by Jeanne Dupuis in justin bieber

Severe Fatigue Caused Rick Ross Seizures

Severe Fatigue Caused Rick Ross Seizures

Rick Ross fans were horrified on October 14, 2011 to learn that the rapper fell unconscious after suffering a seizure on a flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Memphis which forced the play to make an emergency landing.  After being taken to a nearby hospital, friend DJ Sam Sneaker tweeted: “I’m wit @rickyrozay now he good.” Another friend added: “I just talked to Ross…he’s 100 pct ok…#dontpanic.”

After being released, Rick Ross boarded a private jet to continue his trek to Memphis where he suffered a second seizure mid-flight.  Again, the plane made an emergency landing and he was taken to yet another hospital.  The cause of the seizures was unknown until now. […] Read more »

Posted on Nov 02 2011 by Jeanne Dupuis in rick ross

Jessica Simpson Confirms Pregnancy on Twitter

Jessica Simpson Confirms Pregnancy on Twitter

Finally it’s official. After months of speculation, Jessica Simpson has confirmed that she is expecting her first child!  On Monday, she tweeted a picture of herself, decked out in a mummy costume for Halloween, and said: "It's true – I'm going to be a mummy!"  What a clever way to announce the exciting news!

The 31-year-old has been talking about having babies with fiancé, Eric Johnson, since he proposed a year ago. "I definitely see myself having a family with him, so that's exciting to think about," Simpson said.

Much has been made of her fluctuating weight in recent years but it seems like she has a healthy attitude about it, which is important during a time when she will definitely be gaining. "Everybody fluctuates, but I'm open about my weight and I'm still confident," she said. "I didn't cry about it too much. I like the way I look. […] Read more »

Posted on Nov 02 2011 by Jeanne Dupuis in jessica simpson

Chris Martin Shows Admiration for "Super Cool" Jay-Z

Chris Martin Shows Admiration for "Super Cool" Jay-Z

Anyone who has followed the career and social lives of rapper, Jay-Z, and Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin, can probably attest to their ongoing bromance – despite their obvious differences. 

"We're from very different backgrounds. But we love the same stuff everyone else loves," Martin said. "I love his music, and he's a super cool guy, and he's genuine. I respect his decisions, and we have the same feelings about trying to be true in your art. It just happens that one of us is a nerd and the other is the coolest multi-entrepreneur on the planet."

The admiration does not end there. Martin went on to admit: "I think more people wonder why he's friends with me. Of course, I want to be friends with Jay-Z – he's cool as f–––.  In Britain, they're like, 'How are you friends with Jay-Z?' It's almost like they're jealous. […] Read more »

Posted on Nov 02 2011 by Jeanne Dupuis in jay z chris martin coldplay

Justin Bieber Sings The Timeless Classic Christmas Carol 'Silent Night'

Justin Bieber Sings The Timeless Classic Christmas Carol 'Silent Night'

The audio version of Justin Bieber singing the timeless classic Christmas carol Silent Night has just become available. There is hardly a soul on Earth who does not know the song off by heart.

What makes this version so different is the music behind the song – just a piano. The overall combination sounds like an acoustic track that we sometimes hear made after the original song has become a number one hit. However the power of Justin Bieber's magnificent voice shines through, producing a remarkably holy version of this all-time favourite carol.

Now that Justin has aged a little, there are signs of some man vocals starting to come through, yet he still has got what it takes. One would expect that he might have tried to alter the song to some degree, but cleverly he has not messed with the age-old classic at all. […] Read more »

Posted on Nov 02 2011 by Mike Petryczkowycz in justin bieber silent night

Justin Bieber Appears On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, Pledges $100,000 To Las Vegas School

Justin Bieber Appears On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, Pledges $100,000 To Las Vegas School

Singer Justin Bieber is sharing his wealth and success.  Bieber, who just hit the 2 billion mark with his You Tube Channel, made his way to 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' this past Tuesday to talk with Ellen, and promote his Christmas album, 'Under the Mistletoe', that was just released today. 

During his appearance Bieber pledged a donation of $100,000 to a needy Las Vegas School whose student body is mostly homeless, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  The young artist also promised to visit the Whitney Elementary School to perform for the student body this coming December.[…] Read more »

Posted on Nov 01 2011 by Sarah Luoma in justin bieber Ellen DeGeneres Show Under the Mistletoe pledge Las Vegas School

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