New Shins’ Video “The Rifle’s Spiral” Previews Through Nintendo 3DS

Before its formal preview, the teaser for The Shins’ “The Rifle’s Spiral” video debuted exclusively through Nintendo 3DS. New Shins’ Video “The Rifle’s Spiral” Previews Through Nintendo 3DS

The Shins’ latest album Port of Morrow – their first since 2007 – was released in late March, and the group’s latest video, “The Rifle’s Spiral” just exclusively premiered. However, before the teaser appeared on YouTube, the clip was first available on Nintendo Video.

Starting this feature in July 2011, Nintendo teamed up with a handful of artists to create a series of three-dimensional video premieres. These clips, like “The Rifle’s Spiral” are only available to Nintendo 3DS users, who receive the clips automatically. After The Shins, OK Go, Skrillex, and Death Cab for Cutie will have similar teasers debut exclusively on Nintendo Video.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch it, teaser for the Jamie Caliri-directed stop-motion video can be seen below:

Produced by Greg Kurstin, Port of Morrow was recorded in Los Angeles and Portland, Ore., in 2011, and James Mercer assumed all songwriting and lead vocal duties. Since 2007’s Wincing the Night Away, The Shins essentially went on a break, with the group’s keyboardist and drummer leaving in 2009 and Mercer recording Broken Bells with Danger Mouse. Both incidents influenced the songwriter’s approach to Port of Morrow, which is also the Shins’ first album to be released on Mercer’s Aural Apothecary label. In discussing the record prior to its release, Mercer said: “Well, this record was definitely more personal, insofar as Wincing The Night Away had just been finished and I had gone through a pretty serious transition period in my life. I had decided to really take the reins on my professional life. I needed to take it a little more seriously and represent the band personally.”

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