New Paul McCartney Album Titled 'Kisses on the Bottom'

Through a leak, the title of Paul McCartney’s upcoming album -- 'Kisses on the Bottom' -- was revealed. New Paul McCartney Album Titled 'Kisses on the Bottom'

Just a few weeks ago, Paul McCartney announced he is releasing an album of romantic ballads in February 2012. This past week, however, the title of the upcoming album – Kisses on the Bottom – was leaked in The Sun. Although McCartney has not issued an official statement, his representatives confirmed the title for the February 6 release.

Kisses on the Bottom will feature recordings of some of McCartney’s favorite songs, as well as two original tunes. About the song choice, he told Rolling Stone: "They're just songs I admire. I'm trying to steer away from the obvious ones."

He elaborated on Kisses’ concept on a French radio program: “This will sound like the years between 1920-1940, the time when my father was 20. These are songs I heard. My family, my uncles, everybody sang. And there will be pieces I wrote, but in this style. I worked with Diana Krall, and great jazz musicians like John Clayton. This is an album very tender, very intimate. This is an album you listen to at home after work, with a glass of wine or a cup of tea.”

Album aside, the former Beatle started 2012 by discussing in the Sunday Express major artists who use backing tapes. After getting word of such practices from his long-time engineer, McCartney stated: “To me the concert experience is at the heart of what music is about. You come to a show and you are in the room so it is the real thing.

“I have been to concerts where I think, ‘Oh, I really am in the room with Tony Bennett and it is like he is in my living room’. That is a great part of the experience.

“I then think, ‘Wait a minute, people must think that about me’.

“When we make mistakes playing live, we always now turn it and say, ‘Tell you what – this proves we are live’.

“Then we tell the stories about artists, not named, that our crew know who aren’t performing live. Our sound guy Pablo used to be on some tours and at one point in the show a little red light would go on and he’d be live, and he would play it out for 30 seconds and the light would go off, and the tape would go on again.

“We are glad at the end five of us take a bow and there is nobody hidden under the stage either which I hear some naughty people do… sorry, I won’t say names.”

For a preview of McCartney’s new album, listen to song “My Valentine” below:


My Valentine - Paul McCartney by PaulMcCartney

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