New Order May Record Another Album

After a successful tour, New Order are considering recording an album of new material. If that happens, the band heads into the studio in 2013. New Order May Record Another Album

Last year, New Order, the synthpop band behind 1980s hits “Blue Monday” and “True Faith,” reunited for a benefit gig. That one-off performance, however, turned into a full-fledged reunion, complete with an appearance at the Ultra Music Festival and a world tour. Now that crowds are responding positively, the act once associated with the Madchester aesthetic is considering recording new material.

Any new album would be a follow-up to 2005’s Waiting for the Sirens Call, which featured minor hits “Krafty,” “Jetstream,” and “Guilt is a Useless Emotion.” Nevertheless, in a BBC6 interview, the band revealed work on a new release won’t start until 2013: “We finish touring at the end of October and then we've got November off. After Christmas, we're going to have a meeting about writing some new stuff. We've not decided yet, but from what we've seen from traveling around the world is that people want to hear some new stuff. Speaking to journalists and speaking to fans, they seem to really want to hear some new stuff.”

Nevertheless, once the band goes into the studio, don’t expect as many live performances. They said: “We won't play live as much next year, maybe half the amount we've done this year, and we'll write some new stuff.”

The reformed New Order, on the other hand, does not include original bassist Peter “Hooky” Hook. Instead, as the rest of the group finishes touring and prepares to enter the studio, Hook is releasing an autobiography of his time in Joy Division, titled Unknown Pleasures – Inside Joy Division. The book hits stores on October 1.

Written on Sep 19 2012 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: new order


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