New Music: The Dream feat. Pusha T - 'Dope B*tch'

The Dream and Pusha T sing (and rap) their woman's praises in this sweet, if not slightly foul-mouthed, song. New Music: The Dream feat. Pusha T - 'Dope B*tch'

“Dope b*tch, dope b*tch, dope b*tch…” whispers The Dream in the beginning of his Pusha T-assisted single of the same name. Though the title may be misogynistic, the soft-throated singer does offer a disclaimer in the bridge of the song.

“I mean no disprespect by this next line,” he warns before launching into repeated exclamations of “dope b*tch” throughout the chorus.

Explicit language aside, the lady Terius Nash describes in "Dope B*tch" is sublime.

“She’s my favorite baby/Watch her do her thing/Out here in the world,” sings The Dream. “So fine, so hot, so cold, yeah/Beautiful, so bold, for sure,” he adds.

Pusha T takes a break from beefing with Lil Wayne (re: his controversial diss record, Exodus 23:1 of which The Dream gracefully assisted), to lace the funky track with his own tight verse.

“She dope, like the sh*t up in my car/Feds came and she put it in her bra,” raps Pusha. Clearly the woman of his dreams is one who will take the fall for his criminal activities.

Production-wise, this is definitely a new sound from a guy who has made seductive coos over sultry beats as recognizable as Tony the Tiger’s “Theeeey’re great!” Frosted Flakes slogan. His departure from that musical formula is successful, however; “Dope Bitch” gives off a laid-back, 90s feel, which we certainly dig.        

Photo stills have just been released of The Dream and Pusha T preparing the video for the song. In one, The Dream is perched against a car, his model-thin “dope b*tch” posing next to him, while in another scene, Pusha reclines in a chair like a certified gangster. This video should be quite entertaining.

Dream’s new album, Love IV MMXII, is scheduled to hit stores August 14. Check out the song below.

Written on Jun 13 2012 by Altamese Osborne (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: the dream  pusha t


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