New Music Releases: November 7, 2012

Aerosmith is back after 11 years and Ne-Yo is releasing a familiarly named album. New Music Releases: November 7, 2012

There is a good amount of variety to choose from, especially with the Now 44 compilation.  Check out what's new this week:

R.E.D. (Ne-Yo) – It must be a coincidence that Ne-Yo released an album with such a similar title to Taylor Swift’s Red but the music couldn’t be any more different.  With tracks like “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)” the 17-song effort really sets a mellow, emotion-driven tone.  It might not be his best music but it’s decent.

Lincoln (soundtrack) – John Williams is working his magic again on the score for the upcoming film chronicling the life of one of America’s most important Presidents, Abraham Lincoln.  Williams has created many memorable soundtracks over the years including the music for Jaws, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Superman.  Of course, with this type of subject matter, his chilling compositions for Schindler’s List might be more relevant.

Music From Another Dimension (Aerosmith) – Now that frontman, Steven Tyler, has left American Idol, the band is back to doing what they do best.  This latest is their 15th studio album and is the first collection of all-new material in a very long 11 years.

Now 44: That’s What I Call Music (various artists) – Love the hits but haven’t been buying all the albums?  That’s okay!  Here’s a collection of this year’s hottest sounds including “Gangnam Style,” “Good Time” and “Blow Me (One Last Kiss).” 

Skyfall (soundtrack) – It’s time for the latest installment in the 007 series which only means that there’s a new Bond theme song to add to the collection.  While there have been some riskier, trendier tunes of late, Adele brings it back to the old-school sound that made these tracks so iconic to begin with. 

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