New Music: Mika feat. Pharrell - 'Celebrate'

Mika sticks to the same positive, go-get-em formula in his comeback single, 'Celebrate.' New Music: Mika feat. Pharrell - 'Celebrate'

Mika could be a motivational speaker. All of his music has that uplifting, happy-go-lucky message; “Love Today,” “Grace Kelly,” “Big Girls (You Are Beautiful)” are just a few examples. With “Celebrate,” he proves that he hasn’t lost his penchant for penning peppy songs.

The singer swaps his trademark high-pitched vocal range for a softer, smoother R&B tenor in this single. (During the chorus, he still reverts back to the soprano we know and love.) His lyrics, however, and as a result, the song’s theme, strive toward the same trope that Mika has become known for throughout his career: happiness.

“I wanna come home to the only place I know/Where the trees I planted grow/I wanna come home,” sings Mika. He doesn’t hide his intention behind tricky metaphors or long-winded anecdotes the way other artists would. No, his message is simple and clear: “I want the whole world to celebrate.”

Joining Mika in the comeback boat is Pharrell, producer of the song as well as guest star singer. Pharrell echoes his buddy’s sentiments – and sound – switching up his aggravating (and sometimes off-key) falsetto in favor of a lower register, with his own political demonstration shouts sprinkled after. The song boils down to an inspiring, if not mildly cheesy, collision of voices and noises telling us to seize the moment, be happy, celebrate.

We’re sure we’ll be seeing this song featured on one of those you-can-be-anything-you-want-to-be-if-you-drink-our-soda Mountain Dew commercials very soon. Listen below.

Written on Jun 23 2012 by Altamese Osborne (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: mika  pharrell


Kodes 100 10p 2 years ago

I love Mika's CELEBRATE & MAKE YOU HAPPY! I can't wait for "The Origin of Love." I would have to disagree with Altamese Osborne though about Mika's lyrics. Mika's melodies are upbeat & portray happiness but his lyrics can be quite dark.
I think Mika has some really huge hits in his near future.
Kudos Mika!
Now Mika has more to celebrate as the Mika Fan Club is improving & returning to being a safe, kind & fun place like it used to be.
Kudos MFC!


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