New Music - Jhene Aiko: Everything Must Go

Jhene Aiko just turned 25, and is wise beyond her years in her new track accompanying her birthday. New Music - Jhene Aiko: Everything Must Go

To celebrate her 25th birthday, singer Jhene Aiko philosophizes about the transience of life on her new track, “Everything Must Go.”

Her lyrics call to mind those “25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years” lists that newly minted mid-20-year-olds post on Facebook pages. Her voice mirrors Cassie’s in that it barely rises above a melodic whisper; however, so you can better hear the message she is trying to get across, Aiko smartly turns down the volume on the production’s violin strings and guitar plucks, sounds that melt away even more as she sings the verses:

“You cannot fight fire with fire/ An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind and/ We are all slaves of desire/ Controlled by the things we think that we need,” she coos.

Though for some reaching a quarter-century is a milestone, it’s only 25, so to hear this level of maturity from a singer whose peers of the same age (and older) boast about millions acquired or whine about wayward boyfriends is quite refreshing. Aiko doesn’t seem to be worried about making the next hit here, only releasing something meaningful.

It is indie-pop meets the book of Ecclesiastes, done perfectly.

Listen here.


Written on Mar 24 2013 by Altamese Osborne (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: jhene aiko


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