New Katy Perry Album to Drop as Early as Summer 2013

According to, Katy Perry is releasing a follow-up to ‘Teenage Dream’ in summer 2013. New Katy Perry Album to Drop as Early as Summer 2013

Although Katy Perry has talked about new material, and even added a few extra tracks to her Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection edition, a new album didn’t appear to be coming too soon – especially as the singer additionally mentioned taking time off. Yet, revealed that a follow-up to her sophomore album may be coming out as soon as next summer.

Perry has apparently been working with Greg Wells and Bonnie McKee again – the same pair that worked with her on Teenage Dream. However, this seems to undermine earlier statements Perry made. The “Part of Me” singer, in April, said that any follow-up material will be darker: “My music is about to get real f****** dark. You’d never see my face because my hair would be in it.”

Just how dark would Perry go? Morrissey-levels of despair, she stated at the time, were her vision. M83, in a similar vein, expressed interest in working with Perry.

On the other hand, the singer retracted partially from this statement over the summer. In an interview with Capital FM, Perry spoke about her career plans. Although her concert film Part of Me flopped in the theaters around that time, she still had plans to record new material. However, contrary to sounding too dark, her relationship with Russell Brand wouldn’t become song fodder, and neither would heartbreak.

If Perry’s third album is dropping this soon, what do you think it should sound like? Is taking a darker direction a good direction for her career?

Written on Nov 25 2012 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: katy perry russell brand teenage dream


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