New Girls Aloud Single “Something New” Leaks

Although expected to be officially released on Friday, Girls Aloud’s comeback single was leaked today. New Girls Aloud Single “Something New” Leaks

So much for a bit of anticipation. Yesterday, we mentioned that, in preparation for their 10-year anniversary, Girls Aloud released a teaser for their upcoming single, which was expected to debut in full on Friday. Unfortunately, releases, these days, are fraught with leaks, and the Girls, who last released a single three years ago, experienced one.

Considered their comeback single, the track, aptly titled “Something New,” found its way onto the internet today. The track goes for a more modern sound, hence the title, with the Girls dabbling with rapping and dance beats. As a result of the leak today, label Universal put out the track officially three days ahead of time.

If you have yet to hear the track, listen to it below. Does it compare to some of the members’ solo careers? Or, are they better as an ensemble?

When launching a countdown website for their single yesterday, it was revealed that Girls Aloud’s 10-year reunion may be short-lived. Excusing member’s moderate to successful solo careers, they have no plans to return to the studio for another full-length release. Instead, it seems, the group are getting together for a tour, to put together a single for Children in Need, to release a greatest hits album, and to appear on Strictly Come Dancing. If this is the case, would you like Girls Aloud to stay together longer, or are their days as an ensemble behind them?

Written on Oct 16 2012 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: girls aloud something new


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