New Autopsy Report Reveals Heavy D's Cause of Death

The late rapper died because of a blood clot on his lungs, according to his latest autopsy report. New Autopsy Report Reveals Heavy D's Cause of Death

The cause of rapper Heavy D's death has been identified. According to the results of the autopsy conducted on him, it has been revealed that a blood clot on his lungs was the reason of his untimely death.

The physically heavy 'Heavy D' was found unconscious a t his Beverly Hills residence on November 8. He was rushed to Cedars Sinai Medical Center but was pronounced dead on arrival by his doctors.

"Blue Funk," "The Overweight Lovers in the House," "In Living Color Theme," and "Girls They Love Me" are some of the most famous songs of his rap career.

The Jamaican-born MC had recently attended the Michael Jackson tribute event in England and LA Times reported that the blood clot may have formed while he was returning back home.

According to Dr. Matthew Butteri, "It's the equivalent of a heart attack. Just like when you have a blockage in your coronary arteries and you have a heart attack. Well, this is an infraction in your lungs, so it's really a lung attack because the blood clot is preventing getting oxygen to critical lung tissue."

His cause of death was established as 'natural' by the L.A County coroner’s office.

The first autopsy report given to D's family had failed to reveal the actual cause of his death but with this new revelation, his loved ones can finally have some closure.

The "Got Me Waiting" rapper's brother Floyd Myers said, "He loved family, and that's who he was, but it wasn't too much different from how he treated his friends and his fans. He showed everybody love and affection, and we're gonna miss that."

Written on Dec 28 2011 by Zohaib Ahmed (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: heavy d


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