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Nay Nay by Unision

Verse 1:


It's unision wit the remix

We finnah fuck wit y'all

My bro and 'cause rns already dealt wit ch'all

Now it's our turn nigga

Bout to make ya eyes burn nigga

Dem teens got chu buyin' sperm nigga

"click" "clack"

That's all you be hearin'

One glock

One shot yo brains will be spillin'

Tryin' to run to da doc

But aint no fuckin' healin'

For you and yo bitch spin

It aint no fuckin' livin'

'cause i'm so hot

I killed yo ass in one verse

Had yo heart start

I got cho ass runnin' from dem red dots

And i can't be stopped

Only hold to obtain this

Stick the mic up your anus



Bitch don't blame us

We fire jus like a torch

We'll do a drive-by

Leave ya brains right on ya porch

Atf don't know hotness

When we boil we scorch

I gotta 10 by 2 blade

That'll cut ya life short

I'm sick of talkin' to you niggas

But now i'm after ya

I'ma be laughin' and stashin'

Why i'm jackin' ya

Y'all aint met my dog yet

Let me introduce all of ya

Pistol this paul paul...

This my 22 caliber

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Yeah i'm mad at cha

I'll rip you outta yo frame

Nigga you fuck wit the fam'

I'll leave a shell in you mayne

And have you leakin' out yo brain

Whole crew gon' scatta

I'll rip ya balls out and hand 'em to ya on a silver platta

That sorry shit don't matta

Paul gon' see his ass flop

His heart on lock

When spin mass fuckin' drop

Like 50 against ja

A crucial defeat

Yo actions boy

Gon' get you burried 6 feet deep



(ms. jade)

Nay nay nay nay nay na nay aww

Nay nay nay nay nay na nay aww

Nay nay nay nay nay na nay

Aww ooo ooo


Verse 2:


Y'all some silly muhfuckas

Thinkin' y'all can fuck wit us

Went past the limit when you started wit my brotha and 'cause

Paul a bitch

Spin jealous of antwaun and his girl

Ay daron grab the 9

And wet 'em like jheri curls

A-r 15

Cocked up in my pocket

I been waitin' awhile

This glock ready to pop it

Drop ya ass on da ground

Four knuckles and then a dropkick

Spin... i'll lay yo shit out

Just like a carpet



Stop it...

There go this nigga name paul

Who watch spin bend

To get his dick on pause

I got you makin' crosses on ya chest

Bitch you aint a christian

You can step up to the plate

And get the "rip" like the pistons...

Here come ths nigga name spin

He ate 'bout 20 hoes

And all dem bitches was his kin

Yo eyes closed

You fuckin' maon when you lick

If tay a bitch

That mean you fuckin' slobbed on his dick





And when we see 'em we gon' knock they punk-ass out

And make 'em cash out


And when i see 'em i'ma knock they punk-ass out

Lo'll make 'em cash out


And when i see 'em i'm gon' knock they punk-ass out zeek'll make 'em cash out


And when we see 'em we gon' knock they punk-ass out

And make 'em cash out


Yo y'all muthfuckas caint see us

Y'all must be out y'all mind


Spin suck dick paul lick pussy


We out



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