Naughty Boy Talks More About Britney Spears’ Next Album

Speaking again about Britney Spears’ upcoming album, producer Naughty Boy revealed even more details. Naughty Boy Talks More About Britney Spears’ Next Album

If anyone’s talking about Britney Spears’ follow-up to 2011’s Femme Fatale, it’s Naughty Boy. The producer who saw several hits on U.K. radio over the past year is working with William Orbit (best known for producing Madonna) and executive producer to return Spears to her pop roots. The release, still untitled for the time being, is expected to drop at some point later this year.

Speaking with Entertainmentwise, Naughty Boy explained that Orbit is expected to enter the studio soon: “It's different. I'm a fan of his (Orbit) so it's just amazing to be doing something exciting with him and he's working on the tracks at the moment. I think the sessions are in a couple of weeks.”

But while electronic influences, from a dubstep breakdown in “Hold It Against Me” to hints of house and trance, pervaded part of Femme Fatale, Spears’ follow-up is getting away from the dance floor: “I wouldn’t do anything that dub-steppy. I wanted to keep it pop. I’m a big fan of pop music and that culture so I definitely want to keep that going but in my own kind of way and my own kind of style. I’m not trying to make any kind of record you would have heard before. As a producer you want to be able to do that, keep it original.”

Spears herself has remained fairly silent about the status of her upcoming release, with a publicist and discussing the album at various points over 2013. Naughty Boy, back in May 2013, revealed the collaborators Spears is working with to Capital FM.

What do you think Britney should do for her upcoming album? Do you want her to do something dance, or is pop the sound that suits her?

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