My Morning Jacket Release Music Video For 'Outta My System'

The Clip Begins In A Desolate Place, But Changes To A Colourful Cartoon With A Few Interesting Twists. My Morning Jacket Release Music Video For 'Outta My System'

My Morning Jacket, the American psychedelic rock band, has just released a music video for the track Outta My System. The song comes off their recent album Circuital which they are currently promoting via a tour of USA. 

The music video, directed by James Frost, is an interesting clip which begins with lead singer, Jim James, dressed in a big heavy bear skin coat and thick woolly ugg boots as he walks across remote country landscape. The light is fading and it appears to be getting cold as late afternoon progresses to evening. One can't help feeling cold.  

Strange though it may seem, he encounters a two rugged-up men staring into a glowing crater in the ground. As if all is as expected, he just jumps in to this glowing hole in the ground. In a clever twist, the music video now becomes animated. Just like an episode of Futurama, the lead singer drops into the hole in the ground, transforms into a cartoon version of himself and meets a one-eyed Cyclops. The other band members from above ground also become part of the cartoon. 

In a sharp contrast to the dull grey tones of the above ground, the cartoon is awash with brilliant colour. Events happen that could only be imagined. Huge sparks fly out nowhere, transporting vehicles defy the laws of gravity, and occurrences happen just because they can be dreamed up in someone's mind. 

The engrossing cartoon almost takes the focus off the song. So captivating is the video, that it begs replaying so that some attention at least can be paid to the track.

"Outta My System" is a good song. Enjoy the video - a couple of times - then listen to the music. 

My Morning Jacket - "Outta My System"

Written on Aug 12 2012 by Mike Petryczkowycz (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: my morning jacket outta my system


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