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"My Love" Video Review

Trance-style synths kick off Justin Timberlake’s second single from the #1 smash album FutureSex/LoveSounds and are quickly brought back down to earth by a classic, intricate Timbaland backing track, but Justin’s own otherworldly falsetto vocals take the song back toward pop heaven. Pleading words ("If I wrote you a symphony...") and a jittery, start-stop feel perfectly encompass those fluttery, nearly desperate, feelings of infatuated love. You’re likely to be inspired to dance and sing along and definitely wish it would all go on for more than 5 minutes.

"SexyBack" had an impressively easy time of finding its way to #1 on the pop singles chart. "My Love" is following hot on its heels and may be an even bigger hit. This song has all of the elements - irresistible beats, instantly familiar melody, and a riveting vocal performance - to make it one of the year’s best pop singles. T.I.’s rap toward the end of the song works perfectly, too. He might say she isn’t, but it certainly sounds like this girl is everything.



Gina Relatado Lasula 235p 3 years ago

great song i lov it


alisha nastaja 1015p 4 years ago

i love this song



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Justin Timberlake - My Love