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Paul Colman My Brother Jack lyrics is the 11th song on the album "Let It Go" by Paul Colman. The "My Brother Jack" lyrics by Paul Colman are displayed below.
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My Brother Jack by Paul Colman

We got into the car with the true believers

We could tell they were by the words they spoke

They were talking of Jesus and all He was doing

They were sharing their favourites from the Holy Book

And I was with them every step of the way

'Cause I'm a believer saved by grace

And they didn't know in the back seat was my brother Jack

We travelled on the 2 hour journey

Singing along to gospel radio

The my brother Jack quite unexpected said

"Do you mind if I listen to my favourite band?"

And maybe it was when the singer let out a word

Four syllables long and not ever heard

In their church circles

That the believer's attacked

How could you play music that evil?

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How could you speak of someone's mother like that?

Whatever is pure, whatever is holy

We think on these things "so here's your record back!"

And maybe it was just 'cause we arrived at the place

My fellow believer's didn't see his face

But red was the anger all over my brother Jack

Well I pulled then aside just before our performance

And told them the story of my brother Jack

He's not a believer but one who is searching

And I told him that Jesus loves him where he's at

And when I was speaking well suddenly I

Wondered if we, really knew why

Millions of people felt like my brother Jack

They've come to our churches and there not coming back

Please God save our souls

And my sweet brother Jack

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