Mumford & Sons Talk New Album

Mumford & Sons are working on a follow-up album to their successful debut ‘Sigh No More.’ Mumford & Sons Talk New Album

The last year saw Mumford & Sons breaking through in the U.S., and when not touring, the group has been working on the follow-up to their debut Sigh No More. Speaking with MTV at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas, Marcus Mumford talked about the album, which has neither title nor release date currently. He said: "We're still recording. We don't really like to put any boundaries on it; we'll keep going until it's right. […] It's definitely a different experience from the first one, as it should be, I think. But it's been challenging in all the right ways. It's going well. I think we just want the songs to be good, and to sound right, and to feel like we've expressed everything we want to as straightforwardly and honestly as we can ... and we're working towards that."

Fans have been hearing the new music, as the band wants songs to sound good live and in the studio. Mumford went on to say: "We're really enjoying playing the new songs live, and we still feel that our recorded work should be adverts for our live work.”

Inspired by their success and wherever their tour takes them, the new tracks have been written on the road. Mumford went on to explain: "We've been writing as we go, and you can't deny the fact that our circumstances around us will always affect our writing, so we sometimes intentionally put ourselves in circumstances that we want to be inspired by. We went to Nashville for a couple weeks in January and did some really cool writing there; we felt really happy with some of the stuff that came out of it. We stayed in this little farmhouse and had some friends who are musicians come play with us. We played a house show, just had a really nice time. And then we write on the road in these hectic places with lots of people around, and I suppose we've always put in ideas that we pick up from conversations with people, and things that we read and things that we listen to and feel."

At the same time, they don’t plan to stray too far from the sound of their debut. Ben Lovett joked with MTV: "If you're asking whether they're different from the first album, what we've actually done is taken all the songs from the first album, used all the same chords, some of the same melodies, and just tweaked the lyrics!"

Written on Dec 18 2011 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: mumford and sons


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