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Mother Knows Best by Tangled

you want to go outside


Why rapunzel?


Look at you as fragile as a flower

Still a little sapling just a sprout

You know why we stay up in this tower

(i know but)

That's right to keep you safe and sound dear


Guess i always knew this day was coming

Knew that soon you'd want to leave the nest

Soon but not yet


Shh trust me pet

Mother knows best


Mother knows best

Listen to your mother

It's a scary world out there


Mother knows best

One way or another

Something will go wrong i swear


Ruffians thugs

Poison ivy quicksand

Cannibals and snakes the plague



(but )

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Also large bugs

Men with pointy teeth and

Stop no more you'll just upset me


Mother's right here

Mother will protect you

Darling here's what i suggest


Skip the drama

Stay with mama

Mother knows best



Go ahead get trampled by a rhino

Go ahead get mugged and left for dead

Me i'm just your mother what do i know?

I only bathed and changed and nursed you


Go ahead and leave me i deserve it

Let me die alone here be my guest

When it's too late you'll see just wait

Mother knows best


Mother knows best

Take it from your mumsy

On your own you won't survive


Sloppy under-dressed

Immature clumsy

Please they'll eat you up alive


Gullible naive

Positively grubby

Ditzy and a bit well hmm vague


Plus i believe

Gettin' kinda chubby

I'm just saying 'cause i love you


Mother understands

Mother's here to help you

All i have is one request




Don't ever ask to leave this tower again

(yes mother)


Oh i love you very much dear

(i love you more)

I love you most hmm


Don't forget it

You'll regret it

Mother knows best


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Mother Knows Best Song Lyrics Meanings

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