Morrissey May Never Release Another Album

Morrissey claims that, because he can’t find a decent record deal, fans shouldn’t ever expect to see an album from him again. Morrissey May Never Release Another Album

Since when can’t an established recording artist find a real record deal? Yet, even with his time in The Smiths and a modestly successful solo career behind him, Morrissey claims that fans may never see another release solely for lack of finding a record company to distribute his album. Recently ending a 22-date tour of the U.S. and Mexico, the singer wrote: "I now no longer expect to live long enough to experience an offer to record for a grownup label. This topic would not sound quite so banal had I not mentioned it 47 times already. I promise I will not mention it again. The world, I expect, will somehow endure, even as the follow-up to Years of Refusal grows less and less likely. End of subject. I promise."

This isn’t the first time Morrissey revealed his troubles regarding releasing an album. In June, he stated that he didn’t have a deal, as labels prefer finding and claiming to discover young performers only: "Labels for the most part want to sign new discoveries so that that label alone is seen to be responsible for the rise of the artist. There are no risks taken with music any more. No social commentary songs, no individualism. This is because everyone is deemed instantly replaceable."

Being without a record deal isn’t the former Smiths frontman’s only problems. Claiming NME restructured his words in a 2007 interview to make him seem racist, the singer is preparing for a court battle with the magazine. Regarding the incident, he explained: "Instead of simply saying 'sorry' ... the imperious NME would rather spend hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds in a high-court duel to the death. With the help of their giddy fan base at the Guardian newspaper, now is the NME's big chance to scorch me off the human map for good. And what a triumph that would be for them. What a proud and eternal boast."

Written on Dec 24 2011 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: morrissey


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