Lil Durk - Molly Girl (Remix) Lyrics

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Molly Girl (Remix) by Lil Durk

[Hook: Lil Durk]

I'm in Molly World I need a molly girl

Pineapple swirl keep me in Molly World

Bite down because I'm bussin' feel on top of the world

I'm out here off a molly I need a molly girl

I'm in Molly World I'm in Molly World

Bitch I'm out here bussin' I need a molly girl

I'm in Molly World I'm in Molly World

Bitch I'm off the shits I need a molly girl


[Verse 1: Lil Durk]

Bitch I need a molly I'm off one in the party

I just copped me a 'Rari I'm global like safari

Your bitch she need a molly she ride me like a Harley

My chopper like a Harley O.T.F. we in the party

Yeah bitch I'm rolling all my bottles golden

Got her in her zone and take one ain't no folding

My dick that bitch be holding all this money throwing

All this money throwing all this money throwing

Bitch I'm 'bout that life. off one ain't no sleep

Bitch you must be scared off a whole fuck a piece

Bitch I'm in the streets fuck nigga don't want no beef

300 that's the team 300 that's the team

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[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]

Ohhh I'm in Mary World

Smoke until I pass out drink until I hurl

O's all I blow smoking Kay Kay at my shows

And my fans be front row do you roll do you roll?

Say that they're like us but we are not the same

20 million later still ain't nothing change

Poppin' up at the party niggas poppin the molly

Riding out with young Durk fuck around and get murked

Pyrex on my shirt Space Jams on my feet

Me without that chronic is incomplete and we in the streets

Say that they're like us but we are not the same

20 million later still ain't nothing change

Mobbed out bitch I'm Gotti tattoos on my body

Smoke it all 'til nothing left T.G.O.D. O.T.F.




[Verse 3: Lil Durk]

Molly girl my supermodel I don't loan my Gucci goggles

Pop one in my 'Rari riding True Religion my true religion

Foreign car my roof missing white on white I'm a fool with it

White on white I'm a fool with it that spotlight I'mma fool with it

I'm out here like everyday I get money in every way

Went to jail for my petty case Molly World that's a better place

L's up in my haters' face I'm energized like Gatorade

Cooking shit like Rachael Ray O.T.F. 'til the day I grave

Bitch I'm out here rolling all these bitches going

Kush too strong that potent she wetter than the ocean

Molly got her in motion that lean is what I'm pouring

Molly where we going? That molly where we going



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