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Kid Cudi Mojo So Dope lyrics is the 6th song on the album "Man On The Moon Ii: The Legend Of Mr. Rager" by Kid Cudi. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Kid Cudi Puts Out Fourth Solo Album Unannounced".
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Mojo So Dope by Kid Cudi

[Kid Cudi]

Did it leanin, skinny jean wearing, 'fro for days in the O A A

Balls so low most fools couldnt price me

Sign and stunt with a blunt full of B E

And I guess you know me,

Been in NY so long got Tri-State family

Especially Brooklyn shout out to Damati's

My bloodline runs deep, unless I don't sleep

Figure it's my pops keeping me away

Help me keep my mind off the clouds for reality

These muthaf-ckers can't fathom the wizardry

Slow more brain that's backwards cowards

Took a shower your attitude stinks

Wanna know what I think?



Oh ohhh, oh,

Hey my mojo so dope b-tch

Hey my mojo so dope

Yep we live it, live it

Yeh we on it, on it

Give a f-ck about your lifestyle,

Give a f-ck about a muthaf-cking lifestyle cause n-gga

We, we live this sh-t

Oh ohhh, oh,

Give a f-ck about your lifestyle,

Give a f-ck about a muthaf-cking lifestyle cause n-gga

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[Kid Cudi - Verse 2]

I live through words not metaphors

So I passed to be the rest of the freshmen

Playful tough talk

Often the fave till I came to park heart

And said true things

A whole new legion of some n-ggas

Aiming high pass the idea slangin

Praise Allah for keeping me awake man

I lot of my n-ggas fell victim to the dope game

Some things will never be same

Wish I could tell my brother something for some motivation

And get him out that gutter

He's leaving behind a family and a mother

Damn you must understand when I speak about a song it's how I really am

Yeah this is how I really think

You could see what I see, yes I really wink

Yes I really drink

I really do rage my demons at the cage

By most of the day before I became the age to even rage

I was drowning them sorrows with some more E n-gga



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